Daily Procedure:

  • Before School Care (BSC) – simply show up before school, starting at 7:00am
  • After School Care(ASC) – contact (call, email, note, in person) the school office each day by lunchtime to let MLA know who will be attending (if you do not have an established pattern for ASC)
  • In the morning, if a RED card is on the school doors, parents need to bring children to lunchroom and charges will be incurred; if a GREEN card is on the school doors, students can go right to their classrooms.


  • Daily Before School Care Cost - $1.50 for first child and $.50 for each additional child.
  • Arrival anytime between 7:00am – 7:45am the charge will
    be issued
  • Daily After School Care Cost - $1.00 for each ½ hour per child until pick up (no later than 5:30pm unless prearrangements are made – late fees are applied if pick up is after 5:30pm)
  • ASC begins at 3:15pm
  • Monthly billing will be done
  • If more than one month balance is due, BSC or ASC cannot be used until past-due balance is paid


  • Before and After School Care will be held in the lunchroom
  • Before School Care – bring in child(ren) and sign-in is required by parent/authorized person
  • After School Care – come in to pick up child(ren) and signout is required by parent/authorized person


  • MLA Teachers (BSC) and Mr. Meier, Mrs. Thompson, and Mrs. Smith (ASC)
  • A minimum amount of income is needed to make this program viable, so if there is too low of participation; charges may be increased to keep
    the program in place.
  • Late fees/additional charges may be assessed for showing up late for pick up. ($1 per 5 minutes late)

Come By and Visit!

We are located at the corner of 72nd Street and Overland Drive in the Northland

To schedule your tour, call Lisa Martens at 816-734-1060.


7112 N Overland Drive

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