CrossLast Friday, Miss Chancellor was our principal for the day, as a result of an auction purchase. Her jobs included greeting students at the door, making announcements, visiting classrooms, handing ice cream to every student at lunch, going out to lunch with Mrs. Arndt, teaching a math class, planning a rousing game of volleyball between faculty and 7/8 grade students, AND writing the Principal’s Pennings for this week’s Eagle’s Cry. Miss Chancellor chose to write about the great things that happen when going to a Lutheran school. Here is her article:


There are many great things about attending a small Christian school. I have been at a small Christian school my whole life since preschool until now. Having a small school is great because you meet people and you truly become great friends and not just people who sit together at lunch. All the kids in my class have been in the same class as me since kindergarten or preschool. Now we know what makes each other happy and also what makes us upset. We know what to talk about and what to do together. At a small school you get to know everyone in every grade and so you don’t have as many problems with older kids not really caring about the younger kids.

I found that when you have problems in your life there is always someone who cares about you and loves you. The other great thing is that at a Christian school you can speak the word of God and not be picked on for doing it. When you share the word of God here there are other people who will actually talk with you about it and you can learn from it. Every day the first class is Religion. We start the day out with learning about God’s love and what he does for us. We learn that with Him we can do anything because faith in him gives us more power than we can imagine. There are so many things that we should be thankful for like learning about Him and having true friends.

-Miss Chancellor 

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