Life moves on. The teacher walks back into the empty classroom. It’s quiet, the desks are all cleaned out and textbooks fill the shelves. The students have left in a frenzy of excitement and good-byes.

The teacher will see the children again, of course, but it will never be quite the same. Some will be in the same room next year, but in a different grade. Some will move on to the next teacher, and will “belong” to someone else. The teacher will face new children in the room, and the process begins anew. The new charges in the class will bring new challenges and new connections. But, this year is gone.

Every class is different and special. As teachers, we are excited to see the children advancing as God would have them do. But, it’s not without a little tug at the heart on the last day of school. There’s a little prayer for each child as he/she leaves the school ground for summer break. The break is good. The children scatter in all directions for the summer. We pray that teacher and learner never forget the blessings they have brought to each other’s lives. They’ll both come back renewed, rested, and ready to move ahead. Both will return excited about new beginnings.

But for today, let us be just a little sad.

I would like to add a personal thanks. This was my first year at MLA, and it has been such a blessing for me to meet and work with all of you!


….to this wonderful faculty. You are the best! Thanks for your love of the children, the extra hours “above and beyond” the call of duty, your commitment to Christian education.

…to TEAM. What a great support you are to this school!

…to the parents, for your support of the school and staff; for the Christian education you provide your children at home; for attending events, for getting your children to school on time, for your prayers; for driving on field trips, etc.

…to the students for your cheerfulness, your hard work, your hugs; for representing MLA and your Lord well when in public; for your love for each other.

…to the volunteers, to librarians, teacher helpers, room parents, cafeteria helpers, field trip drivers, auction helpers, coaches

…to coaches, for your many hours of training the children; for making sure every child felt a part of the team.

…to the pastors for your prayerful support, and for leading our chapel services. Each of you brought something special in your messages, and we loved having each one of you in our chapel

…to the supporting congregations for your continued financial and prayerful support.

…to the Executive Council, who meets at least monthly to support and make plans for this wonderful school.

…to our secretaries and bookkeepers for the hours and hours you have taken, taking good care of all of us.


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We are located at the corner of 72nd Street and Overland Drive in the Northland

To schedule your tour, call Lisa Martens at 816-734-1060.


7112 N Overland Drive


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