By Mrs. Ann Arndt

October 18, 2016

Parent/teacher conferences are coming soon. It’s a good time for parents and teachers both, to sharpen their listening skills! Teachers look forward to these conferences. They are eager for them to begin, and by the time they are finished, probably totally exhausted. It’s mentally exhausting to “switch gears” every 20 minutes or so, in order to concentrate 100% on the child at hand.

Teachers take this task of “conferencing” very seriously. They work hard to determine the correct grade, taking into consideration the work finished, ability, participation, etc. They search for the right words to communicate with you honestly and lovingly. They search for the right words to communicate a child’s needs as well as his/her assets. Teachers want you to know that they care for your child in more than a clinical, professional way. They want you to know that the love of Christ is in them, and that love is shared with your child. That’s why they teach in a Lutheran school – they can proclaim that openly!

In advance we thank you for attending these parent/teacher conferences. We know that with God’s help, and proper communication, there is no problem that the home and school can’t solve when working together. Hopefully we will see you on Friday, October 28, when we’ll discuss your favorite topic, your child! These children are very special to us, the teachers at MLA, also.

SPEAKING OF PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES, please go to SignUpGenius to schedule the conference time with your child’s teacher. Links to sign up are included in this newsletter.


This week we get to know Mrs. Haase a little better. Mrs. Haase teaches 5/6 grades, and also supervises our student Honor Society, Veterans’ Day, and Geography Bee. She loves animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, and hamsters, and has had all of them. If you want to see her perk up, just ask her about one of her pets! Mrs. Haase was born in Alaska! This might explain why her dream vacation would be to return to Alaska someday to ride horses, and camp in the beautiful Alaskan mountain wilderness. Her hobby is riding her horse, Poco.

In high school, her favorite subject was art, and she was a member of the choir, track, and dance team. Later she met her husband at Grace Lutheran Church, where she was a teacher in their elementary school. Her favorite movie is “Frozen.” Her first car was a Chevy Vega, and favorite color is pink. (Makes me wonder if her Vega was pink!)

Mrs. Haase loves that she can talk about our Lord to her students, and share the magnificence of His love to them every day.

When asked to share a little known fact about herself, she said she is afraid of the OCEAN, in fact any ocean water! (I guess that means her dream vacation to Alaska will take place inland!)

Thank you, Mrs. Haase, for sharing your gifts of teaching with us at MLA!

Please note calendar change:

Christmas Program – Tuesday, December 20

Christmas Break – School dismisses at NOON on Wednesday, December 21 for Christmas Break!

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