By Mrs. Ann Arndt

25 October

I remember the year “Charcoal” came to live with us. We didn’t plan for him to visit, let alone take up residency. We found this beautiful cat huddled in our window well. Not knowing if he was sick, lost, or what, we fed him and gave him water. Twenty four hours later, he was still there, huddled and somewhat afraid. It was cold, windy, our son felt sorry for him, and brought him inside. We put him in the basement with more food and water. Soon Charcoal learned to adjust to the other animals in the house, and soon began enjoying cuddling up to his new masters, purring all the while. Yes, we tried very hard to find his original “mommy and daddy,” but to no avail!

I’m not sure why God gave us the gift of domestic animals, but I think about it often. Maybe it was only to help us relieve stress as we home to their devotion and nonjudgmental personalities. I also think we can take some lessons from them. When they see us as their masters, they are so devoted to us. They know their food comes from us, they love to spend time with us, and they long to please us. They are loyal and learn quickly to depend on us and our decisions for them.

Could we take a lesson from that and be more devoted to our Master, God? Could we look more faithfully to God for our spiritual food? Could we be more devoted to God and less concerned about societies’ demands? Do we love to spend time with our Master in prayer and praise? Do we long to please our Savior? True, our worlds are much more complicated than those of our household pets, but maybe they could teach us a thing or two, anyway!


This week we learn more about Mrs. Blouch, who teaches 3rd and 4th grades. Mrs. Blouch grew up on a farm in Iowa, where she attended a small Lutheran school and had five siblings. Her first car was a Dodge Omni. Her favorite subject in school was reading, and her hobbies now include reading and baking. (You already know that if you’ve had the privilege of eating one of her ginger snap cookies!) In high school she was a member of the choir, and NEVER got into trouble! (Good for you, Mrs. Blouch!)

Mrs. Blouch met her husband on a blind date. She’s taught 29 years. Her favorite movie is “The Sound of Music,” and her favorite book is “To Kill a Mockingbird.” She loves green, and her favorite restaurant is Brio. When asked what she loves best about working at MLA, she replies, “The wonderful people with whom I am privileged to work!”

An interesting fact? She can say the alphabet backwards! (Very quickly, too!)

Thank you, Mrs. Blouch for serving at Martin Luther Academy! We are so blessed to have you teach and serve our children!


THANK YOU to all parents who got your children to Christ Lutheran last weekend to sing for their second service. We had a great turn out, and the kids sounded great!

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