By Mrs. Ann Arndt

1 November


I recently attended a conference on the “40 Assets for Adolescents,” and I’d like to share those with you over the next four weeks. Even if your child is not yet an adolescent, many of these assets are valuable for younger children, also. The first ten are as follows:

Family Support: The family provides high levels of love and support.

Positive Family Communication: Child(ren) and their parents communicate positively, and the child(ren) are willing to seek advice and counsel from parents.

Older Adult Relationships: Children receive support from three or more nonparent adults.

Caring Neighborhood: Children experience caring neighbors.

Caring School Climate: The school provides a caring, encouraging environment.

Parent Involvement in Schooling: Parents are actively involved in helping the child succeed in school.

Community Values Youth: Young person perceives that adults in the community value youth.

Youth as Resources: Young people are given useful roles in the community.

Service to Others: Young people are given the opportunities to serve the community/friends/neighbors/church/school, one or more hours a week.

Safety: The child feels safe at home, school, and the neighborhood.

By the time we see all 40 of these, it becomes clearer that it really does take a community to raise a child. It’s good to view these assets three ways: 1) How many of these did you positively experience as a child? 2) How many of these are present in your child’s life, and how can you work on areas that are lacking? And 3) Look at yourself, and determine how you have an influence on other children, those that are not your own.

Is it possible that every adult can do something that can positively influence someone else’s child? Absolutely! I think our parents at MLA students are pretty good at that! We are small enough that most parents know every child in their child’s classroom – probably even know them by name. It doesn’t take much – simply greeting children warmly by name when you meet them in the hall, or on the playground, at a game – tells that child that you noticed him/her. Life certainly isn’t fair, though. Some children experience almost all the assets, while others experience very few, often through no fault of their own. Together we can work together to make sure all of our children at MLA experience as many of these as possible, combined with God’s Word and blessings, to make emotionally healthy children!


This week we learn a little more about Mrs. Nancy Maas. Mrs. Maas grew up in a suburb in Indiana, and had the privilege of attending a Lutheran school during her elementary years. While in school, her favorite subject was English. She did not attend a Lutheran High School, AND she never got in trouble in school. (I’m guessing she was a model student!) While in high school, she was a member of the band, yearbook staff, newspaper editor, FTA, and speech club. She is one of five children, having three sisters and one brother. Her favorite restaurant is the Corner Café. Her first car was a VW Beetle.

Mrs. Maas met Mr. John Maas in college. Her hobby is camping. (I think Mr. Maas likes that, too). Her dream vacation would be driving Route 66 from beginning to end. Mr. Maas stated that he’d like to do that, also! (Maybe they could go together!) Her favorite book is “The Preacher Who Wore Yellow Pants,” and her favorite movie, “White Christmas.” She loves Martin Luther Academy because it is a Christ-centered education with a wonderful Christian environment.

Thank you, Mrs. Maas for serving at Martin Luther Academy! You are a blessing to us!


Welcome to Atai in second grade and Adil in seventh grade! Atai and Adil have moved to Kansas City from Kyrgyz Republic, and we are excited that they have chosen Martin Luther Academy for their education. The students are very excited to have new class members!

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