By Mrs. Ann Arndt

8 November


The 40 Assets for Children, continued:

11. School Boundries: The school should provide clear rules and consequences.

12. Family Boundries: The family has clear rules, and boundries and monitors the child’s whereabouts.

13. Neighborhood Boundries: Good neighbors take responsibility for monitoring neighborhood children’s behavior.

14. Adult Role Models: Parents and other adults model positive, responsible behavior.

15. Positive Peer Influence: Child’s best friends model responsible behavior and values.

16. High Expectations: Both parents and teachers should encourage the child to do well, to the best of his/her ability.

17. Creative Activities: The child spends three or four hours in creative activities such as music, art, theater, or other arts.

18. Youth Programs: Child spends three or four hours a week in sports, clubs, or school organizations.

19. Religious Community: Child spends one hour or more a week in church, Sunday School, or other church related activities.

20. Time at Home: The child is allowed to spend time at home with friends from the neighborhood, with “nothing special to do,” other than creative play and pretend, one or two nights a week.

Again, these are guidelines only, and are mainly geared to ages 12-18, but they are food for thought, as you either have children in this age range, or will have before you know it. It all points to moderation in everything, leading to a well rounded child. Raising children, children of God, is such a responsibility and privilege. Thank God for trusting you to raise one or more of His little ones. Thank you for being good parents, not only to your own children, but also good role models for friends of your children! Some children just seem to have more challenges growing up than others. It’s up to us, as Christian, caring adults, to help all children through those rough spots. Thank God for His guidance!


 This week we feature Mrs. Kutz, who teaches 1st grade. Mrs. Kutz was born on a farm in Missouri, and had the privilege of attending an elementary Lutheran school, and attended a public high school. Her first car was a Toyota Corolla. She loves eating at Minsky’s. Her dream vacation is going anywhere as long as she can have fun and relax with her family, which includes her husband and two young daughters. Her favorite subject in school was reading. In her words, “My hobby is trying to be crafty!” Mrs. Kutz met her husband in high school. Her high school activities included soccer and softball.

Mrs. Kutz has too many favorite books to choose one, but her favorite kid movie is “Home.” What she likes best about MLA is the staff and students she gets to be with, and sharing the love of Jesus. A little known fact about Mrs. Kutz is that all of her four siblings are teachers!

THANK YOU, Mrs. Kutz, for being a fantastic teacher here at MLA!

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