Principal’s Pennings
40 Developmental Assets for Children (con’t)
21. Achievement Motivation – Instill in a child the motivation to do well.
22. School Engagement – Student becomes involved in school activities.
23. Homework – Student should involve themselves about 10 minutes per grade level of homework each night ( 10 minutes for 1st grade, 20 for 2nd, 30 for 3rd, etc. This will vary from night to night, but develops responsibility in a child, as well as practice for academic skills)
24. Bonding to School – Develop pride in the child for his/her school. Help the child to care for, and appreciate the school.
25. Reading for Pleasure – The child should read for pleasure three or four hours a week. It is good if the parent models this behavior.
26.Caring – Find projects that exhibit caring and helping for other individuals.
27. Equality and social Justice – Help the child value equality, and helping reduce poverty and hunger.
28. Integrity – Help the child stand up for his/her beliefs, especially when they are Christian values.
29. Honesty – Help the child to be honest, even when it’s tough!
30. Responsibility – Teach responsibility early. Help them accept responsibility of their actions.

None of these happens in a day, month, or year. This is why our children are with us for 18 years or so. They are a work in progress. (Aren’t we all?) After 18 years of parental guidance, we pray they are ready to go out into the world more on their own. It’s a great, great responsibility for parents, but also a great, great privilege!
This week we learn more about Mrs. Olson, who teaches kindergarten. Mrs. Olson was born in Georgia, and had the privilege of attending a Lutheran elementary school, Lutheran high school, AND Lutheran college. She is the middle child, having one sister and three brothers. Having grown children, a son and a daughter, she now shares her home with Mr. Olson and three cats!
Her first car was a Chevy Chevette, with no air conditioning, and black interior! In high school she was a member of the choir, year book committee, and a member of the Honor Society. She met her husband at church. Her dream vacation would include family, food, and good health.
Church work runs in the family. Her grandfather, father, two uncles, two cousins, and brothers are all pastors! Mrs. Olson has been teaching over 30 years. That explains why she loves MLA and the fact that she can connect with other Christians and get to spend time with children, doing what she loves; teaching!
When asked if she ever got in trouble at school, she admitted to “once,” but didn’t elaborate. 
We are so blessed at MLA to have Mrs. Olson share her time, talents, and love for the “little ones,” that are entrusted to her care and teaching. THANK YOU, MRS. OLSON!

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