Principal’s Pennings – November 29, 2016

 In many households, Christmas shopping has begun. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all got the same gift for Christmas? It would certainly cut down on the Christmas shopping and the traffic jams. We wouldn’t have to think so hard about our Christmas lists, and it would probably be easier on the budget. However, it would still be a bit boring and unexciting. Part of the fun is not knowing what we are getting for Christmas, the guessing and the wondering.

 The previous paragraph is misleading, though. We all DID get the same gift for Christmas, it’s exciting every year, and it’s certainly not boring. Our main Christmas gift is tailor-made for each of us, even though it’s the same gift for each of us. It’s the gift we REALLY need, the gift of Jesus, our Savior. It’s so exciting we celebrate that gift every year. We take class time to create and practice special services to proclaim, proclaim, and proclaim that gift!

 I heard someone pray the other day that they might have a “good Christmas.” I still wonder what they meant. How can you NOT have a good Christmas? Maybe if you are thinking only about the material gifts, you might not have a good Christmas, However, if your focus is on the GIFT of CHRIST, Our Savior, Christmas is always good, exciting, and magnificent! AND, this is the one gift we can share with others every day, and still not lose any for ourselves. God gave us this gift so that we might have the forgiveness of sins through His Son. There’s plenty to go around. During this Advent and Christmas season, we pray that we might be bold in sharing our most important Gift with others; that we may freely witness the Good News of Christ’s birth, and the plan of salvation to all!

 The inspiration for the above “penning” was because I just witnessed 90+ children go into the gym to practice for our upcoming Christmas service on December 20. Put it on your calendar. There will be no doubt that these children know the real meaning of Christmas. Thank God for Lutheran schools where we are free to share that message with your children!


Mrs. Engle joined us last year as our PE teacher, Spanish teacher, and AD. Mrs. Engle grew up in a suburb, and did not have the opportunity to attend Lutheran schools as a child. She has two sisters. Mrs. Engle met her husband at work and they have two sons, Joey and Spencer, both students at MLA. When in school, her favorite subject was Social Studies. She was active in high school, being a member of the choir, band, basketball team, cheerleading squad, Spanish Club, and FTA. Her dream vacation would be to go to Daytona Beach! Hobbies include running and singing.

 We are blessed to have her wear so many hats at MLA. Thank you, Mrs. Engle!

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