Principal’s Pennings

December 6, 2016

Did you ever ask a small child how to get from their house to school? Their directions will probably be quite confusing. In their mind, they think they know the way, but without our help, they would probably get lost. We can get a map and find the way, even though the directions we are receiving are very confusing.

In these days before Christmas, your child may be receiving some confusing directions, also, about the route to heaven. Many people have differing views about salvation, and your child is hearing these on the radio, music, TV, and through the commercialization of Christmas. Our society screams, “You can do it by yourself by being good,” or “Don’t worry about it, enjoy life as it is!”

Especially in this season when our children are so bombarded the secular side of Christmas, it is good we show the Way to heaven, through Christ, the Baby born in Bethlehem. Right now the children might get confused about becoming worthy by being good. They are led to think of Santa Claus as a saint who arrives magically to reward them for being good. They hear the secular versions of traditional carols that leave Christ out of Christmas. The star pointed out the way to Jesus for the Wise Men.   We at MLA have the privilege of pointing out to children that Jesus is the Way to heaven. As you point your children to the real meaning of Christmas, point them to Jesus Christ, the Babe born in a stable in Bethlehem for us!


This week we feature Mr. Meier, who teaches art and computer at MLA, and also is a member of the ASC staff. Mr. Meier is a graduate of Lutheran High School of Kansas City. As a younger student, he attended Holy Cross Lutheran School, and then attended Martin Luther Academy when MLA first started. It seems that Mr. Meier loves Boston, because his favorite restaurant is there, Eastern Standard, and his dream vacation would be going to Boston.

In high school, he was very active, being a member of the band, basketball team, soccer team, and also a member of Destination Imagination. His favorite color is blue, probably cerulean or cobalt! Only an art teacher would be so specific! Mr. Meier has one sibling who teaches at LHS, and also his mother teaches at LHS.

We are very grateful to Mr. Meier for sharing his talents with us at MLA! Thank you, Mr. Meier!

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