In this newsletter, you will find a page of our National Lutheran School Celebration activities for next week.

 “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord is an everlasting rock.” (Is. 26:4)

It’s time for our annual celebration! Did you know that………..

…..190,000 students attend Lutheran schools.

…..There are 2,068 Lutheran schools.

…..National Lutheran Schools’ Week is a time we all come together to celebrate our uniqueness

       as a Lutheran school.

…..LCMS started as 12 congregations and 14 schools! (In many cases, the schools were started

     before the congregations, as a Christian education was so important to our early Lutherans.)

…..Last year, 2,336 children in Lutheran schools were baptized.

Today Lutheran schools strive to share the Good News every day with their students. Teachers are free to integrate faith throughout the curriculum. We share this Good News not only with members of our congregations, but also with growing numbers of children who are not members of a local congregation. The Good News is for everyone, and we are blessed and privileged to share that Good News every day to every child in every classroom!

So, celebrate with us. Be thankful with us. As the theme indicates, we trust in the Lord, for the Lord is an everlasting Rock!

Come By and Visit!

We are located at the corner of 72nd Street and Overland Drive in the Northland

To schedule your tour, call Lisa Martens at 816-734-1060.


7112 N Overland Drive


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