18 April

I grew up on a farm, so I understood the commercial well. It was a commercial for medicine for baby pigs. As the farmer held the piglet, he said, “A baby pig’s life is like a three legged stool – all he has is you, his mammy, and Terramyacin!” I think a child’s life is also like a three-legged stool – all he has is 1) you (the Christian home), 2) his church, and 3) his school. Each one of these provides an essential part of the child’s growth and development. Focusing on the Christian home, we see that Christian homes provide such necessities as:

Security based on God’s love. One can have peace only when he/she realizes that God is in charge. That’s a huge relief! Not everything depends on us as parents. You know how much you love your children. God is able to love even more. THAT is security.

The Christian home provides moral values, the proper guide for right and wrong. We as a school, support you in the teaching of values through the Bible and Ten Commandments.

The Christian home provides a solid foundation through God’s Word. The school and church help you make God’s Word a part of a child’s life as a constant guide for Christian living.

The Christian home teaches worship, prayer, and Bible study. The school teaches and encourages worship, prayer, and devotions, but the school can’t do those things for you. A habit of devotions and weekly worship become a part of the child’s life as he/she experiences these things with his/her family.

Christian love. A child learns forgiveness as he/she experiences forgiveness. Children can cause our greatest joys and our deepest sorrows. They can make us proud, make us laugh, make us worry, and yes, even make us angry. Love is contagious. Children often exhibit the love they feel at home. They forgive as they see forgiveness modeled, they accept as they see acceptance and compassion at home.

The Christian home is the strongest, most influential part of a child’s life. As Christian parents, you have sent your children to a Christian school – not that we do all these things for you – but that we support your Christian home in teaching these things. Teachers are important in your child’s life and training, but NEVER as important or influential as you, the parent. It is YOU they watch to develop their own attitudes. We are here to help.

God bless our parenting!

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