31 August

Martin Luther Academy teachers attended Lutheran Educators’ Day.  During the morning, we had the opportunity to worship with surrounding Lutheran school teachers and learn about generational trends.  The presenter shared with us about generational trends and the differences between the generations.  Most of our children are Millennials or part of the Alpha generation.  These generations have known some sort of digital technology their entire life.  They are growing up with information just a few clicks away; their attention is kept for shorter amounts of time.  They do not have as much outside playtime and have many other differences.  Our children learn differently; and times are changing.  

This workshop fit perfectly with our school theme this year.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever from Hebrews 13:8.  He is never changing.  That is a difficult concept for us to understand in an age where there is instant change.  As you read through the Bible, remember the Word was passed down through oral history and written over the course of four thousand years.  One thing that you will find is that even though it was written over many years, by many different authors and in many different books, the truth remains the same.  We were promised a Savior at the fall of man, and the prophets prophesied about Him even when the people did “evil in the eyes of the Lord.”  Jesus Christ is the Savior that was promised for thousands of years.  The promise has not change for us.  He remains our Savior today and will be the Savior for our children’s children.  

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