28 Feb. Penning

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 28 **February** 2017****

By Mrs. Ann Arndt

28 February

I grew up on a farm, so I understood this commercial well.   It was a commercial for medicine for baby pigs. As the farmer held up the piglet, he said, “A baby pig’s life is like a three legged stool…………all he has is you, his mammy, and Terramyacin!” I think a child’s life is also like a three legged stool…….all he has is you (the Christian home), his church, and his school. Each one provides an essential part of the child’s growth and development. Focusing on the Christian home, we see that Christian homes provide such necessities as:

Security based on God’s love. One can have peace only when he/she realizes that God is in charge. That’s actually a relief! Not everything depends on us as parents. You know how much you love your children. God is able to love them even more! Wow! That’s security!

The Christian home provides moral values, the proper guide for right and wrong. We as a school support you in the teaching of values through the Bible and Ten Commandments.

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21 February Penning

**Published: ****Wednesday**, 22 **February** 2017****

Something is very different around MLA right now. Here’s what I see:

  1. People arriving in the mornings are not only bringing their children, but also boxes of intriguing items. Items that have been made or purchased for the auction.
  2. There are more people spending the day at MLA, namely the auction committee.
  3. Their hustle and bustle is obvious to all as they carry items to the basement for storage until Mar. 3.
  4. Someone is more often using the computer lab in preparation for…………you guessed it, THE AUCTION.
  5. Visitors arrive after school to work on a class project, again, for…….THE AUCTION

You’ve heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it also takes a village to put on an auction! Key words to a successful auction might be………procurement, organization, publicity, food, VOLUNTEERISM, bidding, silent auction, donations, planning, computers, services, teacher

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14 February Penning

**Published: ****Wednesday**, 22 **February** 2017****

How is your prayer life? I must admit mine gets better when life is more challenging. In my prayers I ask, ask, and ask. Far too often I forget to be thankful, or at least tell God I’m thankful. That made me think of things for which I often am not thankful, but when thinking about it, become thankful. For instance:


…the teenager who is not doing dishes but is watching TV, BECAUSE that means he/she is at home and not on the streets.

…the taxes I pay BECAUSE it means I am employed.

…the mess to clean up after a party BECAUSE it means I have been surrounded by friends.

…the clothes that fit a little snug BECAUSE it means I have enough to eat.

…my shadow that watches me work BECAUSE it means I am in the sunshine.

…the lawn that needs to be mowed and the gutters that need to be fixed BECAUSE that means I have a home.

…the parking spot I find at the far end of the parking lot BECAUSE it means I am capable of walking and that I have a car.

…my huge heating bill BECAUSE it means I am warm.

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7 February Penning

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 07 **February** 2017****

Tomorrow we are having a volunteer breakfast to honor all of the volunteers that help make MLA the success story that it is. God blesses us with our wonderful teachers, but the teachers cannot do it all. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for our teachers to provide the many extras for our children, and they depend heavily on good, solid Christian volunteers to fill in that gap, to make sure the education provided at MLA is well rounded, giving as many opportunities for the children as we can. For example, where would we be without:

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24 January Penning

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 24 **January** 2017****

January 24, 2017


Children attending our Lutheran schools are no different than those growing up in other schools, EXCEPT that the students in Lutheran schools are growing up together in Christ as they hear every day in their classrooms. Schools everywhere have children who cry, laugh, play, work, learn to cooperate, share, learn how to be organized, learn about differences, tolerate, fogive, act out, manipulate, and study. But in our Lutheran schools they do this learning and growing up in an atmosphere where Christ can be viewed as the center of all.

Lutheran schools are not private schools in that they are open to everyone! Jesus welcomes all to come to him. We welcome all into our Lutheran schools as part of the family of Christ. The longer children have in Lutheran schools, the longer we have to prepare their minds and hearts for eternal life.

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18 January Penning

**Published: ****Wednesday**, 18 **January** 2017****


In this newsletter, you will find a page of our National Lutheran School Celebration activities for next week.

 “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord is an everlasting rock.” (Is. 26:4)

It’s time for our annual celebration! Did you know that………..

…..190,000 students attend Lutheran schools.

…..There are 2,068 Lutheran schools.

…..National Lutheran Schools’ Week is a time we all come together to celebrate our uniqueness

       as a Lutheran school.

…..LCMS started as 12 congregations and 14 schools! (In many cases, the schools were started

     before the congregations, as a Christian education was so important to our early Lutherans.)

…..Last year, 2,336 children in Lutheran schools were baptized.

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10 January 2017 Penning

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 10 **January** 2017****

By Mrs. Ann Arndt

10 January

 Our son, Michael, was eight years old and in third grade. He was invited to a birthday party at Show Biz Pizza in Shawnee. The birthday boy, “Shawn,” was also in third grade and had invited all 12 boys in his class to his party. Mr. Arndt, Eric, and I escorted our son into the restaurant to the party. They had reserved a long table, enough places for 12 boys and one chaperone, complete with fancy plates, balloons, party favors, etc. We were a few minutes early, the first ones there, with the exception of the birthday boy and his mother. We waited and waited for someone else, the 11 other boys to arrive. The excitement of the birthday boy and his mother diminished as the time went by, and no one else was showing up. Finally realizing that no one else was coming, the down-hearted mother asked if Mr. Arndt, Eric, and I would stay so at least there would be a few people to help celebrate “Shawn’s” birthday. We were as festive as we could be, but there was a giant cloud hanging over us all as we realized “Shawn” was not liked well enough by any of his other classmates to even show up for his party.

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20 Dec. Pennings

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 20 **December** 2016****

Principals’s Pennings

December 20, 2016

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff at Martin Luther Academy, we wish you and your families a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and BLESSED NEW YEAR!

Hopefully tonight you can come see and hear our children present the Christmas story in a way that only children can. It will be from their hearts. They have spent hours preparing this special message for you. They know the real reason for the season!

Tuesday, (today), December 20 at 6:30 pm.

Doors open at 6:10

Children in the classrooms at 6:15

Pick up children in their classrooms after the program.




Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

13 Dec. Pennings

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 13 **December** 2016****

By Mrs. Ann Arndt

13 December

 What is your favorite book or movie, and how many times have you read or seen it? My favorite book was “Huckleberry Finn,” and I’ve probably read it 15 times. My favorite movie years ago was “The Sound of Music,” and by the time I reached adulthood, I probably saw it nine or ten times. However, I probably won’t read the book or see the movie in its entirety again, as I know the story, I’ve seen it many times, and I’m not ready to hear it again. Enough is finally enough!

However, how about the Christmas story? I’ve probably heard it at least 500 times, and I’m ready to hear it again. I certainly wouldn’t hear or see my favorite books or movies that many times! And yet, every year when I hear the Christmas story over and over, told by the children, pastors, family members, and friends, it strikes me as wonderful, refreshing, exciting, and comforting, even after 500 times! The setting is the same, the plot doesn’t change, and the characters are the same. Nothing about the story has changed in over 2000 years, and yet people all over the world listen to it every year! It must be quite a story!

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6 Dec. Penning

**Published: ****Monday**, 05 **December** 2016****

Principal’s Pennings

December 6, 2016

Did you ever ask a small child how to get from their house to school? Their directions will probably be quite confusing. In their mind, they think they know the way, but without our help, they would probably get lost. We can get a map and find the way, even though the directions we are receiving are very confusing.

In these days before Christmas, your child may be receiving some confusing directions, also, about the route to heaven. Many people have differing views about salvation, and your child is hearing these on the radio, music, TV, and through the commercialization of Christmas. Our society screams, “You can do it by yourself by being good,” or “Don’t worry about it, enjoy life as it is!”

Especially in this season when our children are so bombarded the secular side of Christmas, it is good we show the Way to heaven, through Christ, the Baby born in Bethlehem. Right now the children might get confused about becoming worthy by being good. They are led to think of Santa Claus as a saint who arrives magically to reward them for being good. They hear the secular versions of traditional carols that leave Christ out of Christmas. The star pointed out the way to Jesus for the Wise Men.   We at MLA have the privilege of pointing out to children that Jesus is the Way to heaven. As you point your children to the real meaning of Christmas, point them to Jesus Christ, the Babe born in a stable in Bethlehem for us!

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29 November Penning

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 29 **November** 2016****

Principal’s Pennings – November 29, 2016

 In many households, Christmas shopping has begun. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all got the same gift for Christmas? It would certainly cut down on the Christmas shopping and the traffic jams. We wouldn’t have to think so hard about our Christmas lists, and it would probably be easier on the budget. However, it would still be a bit boring and unexciting. Part of the fun is not knowing what we are getting for Christmas, the guessing and the wondering.

 The previous paragraph is misleading, though. We all DID get the same gift for Christmas, it’s exciting every year, and it’s certainly not boring. Our main Christmas gift is tailor-made for each of us, even though it’s the same gift for each of us. It’s the gift we REALLY need, the gift of Jesus, our Savior. It’s so exciting we celebrate that gift every year. We take class time to create and practice special services to proclaim, proclaim, and proclaim that gift!

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22 November Penning

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 29 **November** 2016****

Principal’s Penning
22 November 2016
Great teachers and staff
Fabulous students
Cafeteria helpers
Volunteer coaches
Supportive Executive Council
Each Association Church
Teacher aids and helpers
Room moms and dads
Great facility

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15 Nov. Penning

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 15 **November** 2016****

Principal’s Pennings
40 Developmental Assets for Children (con’t)
21. Achievement Motivation – Instill in a child the motivation to do well.
22. School Engagement – Student becomes involved in school activities.
23. Homework – Student should involve themselves about 10 minutes per grade level of homework each night ( 10 minutes for 1st grade, 20 for 2nd, 30 for 3rd, etc. This will vary from night to night, but develops responsibility in a child, as well as practice for academic skills)
24. Bonding to School – Develop pride in the child for his/her school. Help the child to care for, and appreciate the school.
25. Reading for Pleasure – The child should read for pleasure three or four hours a week. It is good if the parent models this behavior.
26.Caring – Find projects that exhibit caring and helping for other individuals.
27. Equality and social Justice – Help the child value equality, and helping reduce poverty and hunger.
28. Integrity – Help the child stand up for his/her beliefs, especially when they are Christian values.
29. Honesty – Help the child to be honest, even when it’s tough!
30. Responsibility – Teach responsibility early. Help them accept responsibility of their actions.

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8 Nov. Penning

**Published: ****Wednesday**, 02 **November** 2016****

By Mrs. Ann Arndt

8 November


The 40 Assets for Children, continued:

11. School Boundries: The school should provide clear rules and consequences.

12. Family Boundries: The family has clear rules, and boundries and monitors the child’s whereabouts.

13. Neighborhood Boundries: Good neighbors take responsibility for monitoring neighborhood children’s behavior.

14. Adult Role Models: Parents and other adults model positive, responsible behavior.

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1 Nov. Penning

**Published: ****Wednesday**, 02 **November** 2016****

By Mrs. Ann Arndt

1 November


I recently attended a conference on the “40 Assets for Adolescents,” and I’d like to share those with you over the next four weeks. Even if your child is not yet an adolescent, many of these assets are valuable for younger children, also. The first ten are as follows:

Family Support: The family provides high levels of love and support.

Positive Family Communication: Child(ren) and their parents communicate positively, and the child(ren) are willing to seek advice and counsel from parents.

Older Adult Relationships: Children receive support from three or more nonparent adults.

Caring Neighborhood: Children experience caring neighbors.

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25 Oct. Penning

**Published: ****Tuesday**, 01 **November** 2016****

By Mrs. Ann Arndt

25 October

I remember the year “Charcoal” came to live with us. We didn’t plan for him to visit, let alone take up residency. We found this beautiful cat huddled in our window well. Not knowing if he was sick, lost, or what, we fed him and gave him water. Twenty four hours later, he was still there, huddled and somewhat afraid. It was cold, windy, our son felt sorry for him, and brought him inside. We put him in the basement with more food and water. Soon Charcoal learned to adjust to the other animals in the house, and soon began enjoying cuddling up to his new masters, purring all the while. Yes, we tried very hard to find his original “mommy and daddy,” but to no avail!

I’m not sure why God gave us the gift of domestic animals, but I think about it often. Maybe it was only to help us relieve stress as we home to their devotion and nonjudgmental personalities. I also think we can take some lessons from them. When they see us as their masters, they are so devoted to us. They know their food comes from us, they love to spend time with us, and they long to please us. They are loyal and learn quickly to depend on us and our decisions for them.

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18 Oct. Penning

**Published: ****Monday**, 24 **October** 2016****

By Mrs. Ann Arndt

October 18, 2016

Parent/teacher conferences are coming soon. It’s a good time for parents and teachers both, to sharpen their listening skills! Teachers look forward to these conferences. They are eager for them to begin, and by the time they are finished, probably totally exhausted. It’s mentally exhausting to “switch gears” every 20 minutes or so, in order to concentrate 100% on the child at hand.

Teachers take this task of “conferencing” very seriously. They work hard to determine the correct grade, taking into consideration the work finished, ability, participation, etc. They search for the right words to communicate with you honestly and lovingly. They search for the right words to communicate a child’s needs as well as his/her assets. Teachers want you to know that they care for your child in more than a clinical, professional way. They want you to know that the love of Christ is in them, and that love is shared with your child. That’s why they teach in a Lutheran school – they can proclaim that openly!

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11 October Penning

**Published: ****Friday**, 21 **October** 2016****

By Mrs. Ann Arndt

Principal’s Pennings

The end of 1st quarter is coming up soon and with that, parent/teacher conferences. Raising children is quite a task, as is educating them. It’s good for parents to be able to communicate with their child’s teacher. It’s good to compare perspectives between teacher and parent. Imagine a group of children in front of an audience. If you are the parent, where does your attention focus? On that ONE child that is yours! You notice everything - how they stand, their facial expression, everything about that ONE child. Your perspective comes from raising that child, taking care of his/her every need. The teacher’s perspective, slightly different! The teacher has to see that child as an individual, and as part of a whole class – a whole class of special children. The teacher feels pride, too; pride for all his/her children. The perspective is obviously different, as the parent focuses on one, the teacher on many.

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4 October Penning

**Published: ****Friday**, 21 **October** 2016****

By Mrs. Ann Arndt

October 4, 2016

I’m in an “appreciate your teacher” mode. I was thinking of their job descriptions, and realize again, that even in the most detailed of job descriptions, many things are not included. Here are a few of the “interesting” tasks that teachers find themselves doing: wiping runny noses, tying shoes, mediating quarrels, checking for head lice, unclogging toilets, putting band aids on bruises, reading notes from satisfied (or unsatisfied) parents, opening stubborn lunch containers, fixing bloody noses, finding lost glasses, diagnosing chicken pox, opening a Christmas present when an over eager child has already told you what it is, looking for lost retainers in the cafeteria trash can, suffering through temperamental copy machines, sharing with children what they bring you (left over snacks, family secrets, OOPS, yes it happens, flu, flowers – sometimes with ants included, knock knock jokes, etc.)

Of course, it also doesn’t list as compensation for a job well done: hugs, smiles, pats on the back, good parent notes, birthday treats, many Christmas gifts, children’s jokes, friendly conversation in the halls, the joy of a “light bulb going on” in the child’s face.

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Principals Penning May 19, 2016

**Published: ****Thursday**, 26 **May** 2016****

Life moves on. The teacher walks back into the empty classroom. It’s quiet, the desks are all cleaned out and textbooks fill the shelves. The students have left in a frenzy of excitement and good-byes.

The teacher will see the children again, of course, but it will never be quite the same. Some will be in the same room next year, but in a different grade. Some will move on to the next teacher, and will “belong” to someone else. The teacher will face new children in the room, and the process begins anew. The new charges in the class will bring new challenges and new connections. But, this year is gone.

Every class is different and special. As teachers, we are excited to see the children advancing as God would have them do. But, it’s not without a little tug at the heart on the last day of school. There’s a little prayer for each child as he/she leaves the school ground for summer break. The break is good. The children scatter in all directions for the summer. We pray that teacher and learner never forget the blessings they have brought to each other’s lives. They’ll both come back renewed, rested, and ready to move ahead. Both will return excited about new beginnings.

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