christmasstoryDo you ever repeat a good story? As I listen to the students rehearse for their program tonight, I started wondering how many times I have heard the story of the birth of our Savior. I’m thinking in my lifetime I’ve heard it hundreds of times, have taught it hundreds of times, and still look forward to the story. It’s a story I heard first as a young child. It’s the same story I hear as an adult. My favorite movie for many years was “The Sound of Music.” However, after seeing it about ten times, I tired of it, and haven’t seen it for years.

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BTaKBjaocI remember it well.....the feeling that when the young son, three years of age, was too quiet. When that happened, I knew I’d better go see what he was up to. This day was a little different. There was quiet, followed by running water from the outside faucet, followed by shrieks of laughter. By the sounds of the laughter, I knew it was the three year old. This happened a few times before we decided to go investi gate. What we found was this: Our young son had three earth worms that he was stuffing down the garden hose. When they were all in place, he would go to the faucet, turn it on full blast, and watch the worms “fly,” much to his delight, which accounted for the shrieks of laughter. 

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